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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Minding Your Own "Mind Power"

Mind power. Throughout history this concept has been seen and heard in mass media. And regarded as fact. So, what's wrong with it? Most people can accept that there is such a thing as mind power but are probably clueless about its true character, which is its being misunderstood for what it really is.

Some people tend to associate mind with the human brain. Others disagree claiming correctly that the human mind is non-physical and is not synonymous with the human being's gray matter or tissue which is the physical organ called brain. As a matter of fact, researchers into this field of expertise have come to think that mind is not exclusively located in the brain but in all parts of the human body and even outside of it. Wow!

This idea of the mind occurring and existing outside of the human body is a startling revelation and can confuse a lot of people. But this might help explain the findings made by doctors, scientists and professionals including philosophers and mystics that the endocrine glands in the human body may have something to do with the mind. At this point we have a declaration of the mind's independence from the brain. Congratulations!

There are writers who say that one of these glands, called the pineal which is lodged in the head just behind and between the eyeballs, is really the focal point, the drop zone, if you like, or rendezvouz area between the body and the soul. It is this gland which supposedly acts as coupling for the two aspects of human existence. It is here where mind and matter meet...

With this statement, it may no longer be difficult it seems to think that mind power can be used to influence the environment which is therefore outside of the human body, and also the people who may be interacting with the person using mind power.

By influencing people as well as the environment, I do not mean to say that changes in people's lives or situation and those in the environment are materially altered or affected using physical intervention as a result of planning or decision-making for an intended action (which therefore originates in thought). I do mean that changes are actually caused in their original state or condition using the power of thought alone to bring forth these changes without physical means, and in real time.

I also do not wish to refer to the "sleight-of-handers" the amazing stage and street magicians who are so skilled in turning a burning scarf into a rose on a stem, for example. In this definition I do not like to include the stage magicians who are more inclined to use mechanical props to perfect their illusion, although I deeply respect them for the time and patience they have devoted to their craft. And this is not to say of the mind power they use to complement their physical performance which now brings us to ask: where exactly does the mechanical or physical factor of the performance end, and the mind power element of the entire process actually begin? Is it any wonder then that the term warlock should be correctly applied to denote the magician?

What is suggested in this discussion of mind power and what it really boils down to, is none other than the reality of mind over matter. This simply means that the mind can control physical things and takes precedence over matter. This statement apparently takes on an esoteric or occult twist so far as it says something about mind over matter which translates into the invisible over the visible, the intangible over the tangible. I'm saying this because people may find a lot of usefulness in mind over matter, apart from what the magicians do, which is primarily to entertain us.

Taking a step further, mind over matter, or mind power can be removed from the mysterious or the occult and enlisted to assist us in our day-to-day experience with life. We can use mind power to control events such as having a favorable stock market report, winning a lover back, predicting correct lottery numbers, persuading a teenager who's gone a little off-tangent to take advice, warding off disgusting people in the workplace without appearing to do it.

And yes, you may have guessed right. You can apply mind over matter on yourself (surprise!) and teach yourself to get rid of unwanted habits and thus promote self-improvement. You may also do a variety of other things you may have a mind to. It's your mind, see?

And then there's everyone's favorite: Using mind power to create and generate wealth. If this is you, then you may want to click here to learn more.

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The "Subconscious" Part Of A Human Being

In another article I had discussed the term "subconscious" with a hyphenated "mind" attached to it. Now I'm back with that word subconscious again but without the tail. I'm kind of enamored with this "subconscious" thing I'll give it a few more shots before I let it go peacefully.

I think the "subconscious" mind should always be understood with special consideration because most people probably have only a vague idea of what it is, although almost everybody will quickly admit they sure have heard of it, it's a fact of life, it's real--and that's it.

Well? Sounds more like heaven and hell where people haven't gone to and yet claim to know everything about it like the back of their hand.

The term "subconscious" may and should properly be in quotation marks because it occupies an absolutely unique niche in the realm of existence. No longer may anyone say it probably doesn't exist simply because people haven't seen, heard, smelt, touched or tasted it as substance because it isn't. Substance is matter. And it isn't matter but "mind" precisely. And it is different from the usual mind that we are very familiar with and which we call the "conscious" mind, the one with which we count our income, drive our car, eat and sleep.

The experts say that the "subconscious" is the source of all created things that are in existence from the smallest flea that you can find on your dog's scalp to the vast exploding quasars and pulsars and on to parallel universes in space that they say exist side by side with the universe known to us with our current knowledge and technology.

Hmm... Am I drifting towards church, religion or dogma? No sir, not at all. Nor am I engaged in a treatise on space technology by having said something about exploding stars. But strangely, Albert Einstein's thinking about matter converting itself into energy and back again should tell us that there must be a principle, if you will, for lack of a better term, that must exist that therefore underlies this. For simplicity's sake, if you can't destroy matter and only convert it to some other substance or form, doesn't it seem logical to suppose that there is this underlying thing or principle that guarantees matter's continued existence?

We are talking about the "subconscious" as probably some kind of a blueprint or template out of which the created thing takes shape. Another example would be that if you should plant a tree, say an avocado tree, the template or pattern of the avocado is already encoded in the atoms and molecules of the seed that you plant. You should be kidding yourself if you expect to behold an oak tree or a fig tree or a mango tree or some other tree when it grows up because it will follow the DNA or blueprint (avocado) of its own creation (I didn't put it there).

But most important thing to think about is that this "subconscious", this blueprint seems to be eternal, all- present and all-pervading in every place or condition in time and space where creation is in progress, from nature's own (natural) processes to the conversion of matter into its sub-states whether by natural or artificial means or intervention. And you think that creation was a done deal in seven days after God created the heavens, the firmament and Man himself?I personally believe that this underlying theme or principle, this "subconscious" or "mind" that serves and acts as blueprint, pattern or mold of all creation in all space and time and in this and all parallel universes--is what Einstein must have been thinking when he put forth his belief that matter is neither created nor destroyed.

Now then, what did we say about the subconscious "mind" not just residing in the right brain hemisphere but even outside of the human body? Oh my...

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time warps time dilation time travel subconscious mind

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi There Time Travelers!

First order of business inevitably I guess is to offer a ton of profuse apologies for not having been heard of for a long while. I wouldn't hold it against anybody but me if I'm unrecognized by now or if I didn't qualify for any adsense privileges or whatever.

Time away from cyberspace was, however, well-spent in the sense that I had great opportunity to attune my readings and research work to things along my deepest lines of thought, a kind of tweaking of my concepts about space and time.

But then, who knows(?) I may have, during this unexplained absence, been actually engaging in actual physical (to distinguish from astral) time--traveling unknown to you, folks. In other words, I did this without your knowledge or permission and or consent. And to top it all, I hadn't given you the courtesy of reporting on my experience on returning to this era, your so-called "present time". Now, don't tell me that I sound "alien-like" in saying this or that I'm actually a human follower of the Raelian Movement.

I'm really not into any group, movement or cult when it comes to my beliefs especially in philosophy and particularly in the areas of creation and existence. And it is because of my sincere conviction that these things are best left to individual judgment and discretion and should not be influenced by any fixed system or institutions of thought.

These days I have been spending a large portion of work to the understanding of the microcosmic aspect or part of creation. I have taken to reading and decoding among others Napoleon Hill's philosophy whereby he states with firm conviction that the subconscious part of our mind is our connection to the greater mind (I didn't have to capitalize or put it in quotes. I leave it up to you).

I have found confirmation that it is here, in the realm of the subconsious mind of man, that we can find answers to eternal questions having to do with creation, which by the way, is an ongoing process that is occurring as we speak. I have written articles about the subconscious mind as the empowering nature and quality of man; as the aspect of human existence that permits man to be as God himself wants him to be (oops, and her too, sorry)

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time warps time dilation time travel subconscious mind

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meet Preston B. Nichols of Project Phoenix

Preston B. Nichols, an electrical engineer who has studied metaphysics believes in a multiverse or multiple parallel universes that coexist alongside with the one we have come to know. Also, he thinks that each of us may be existing in every one of those timelines.

Mr.Nichols says he was actually involved in the so-called Project Phoenix, which followed Project Rainbow, otherwise known as The Philadelphia Experiment, after it was disbanded. In Project Phoenix, scientists succeeded in opening a whole in the space-time continuum and this allowed them to send time travelers both ways, into the past as well as to the future.

Steven Gibbs's idea of time travel is to bend time with the hyper dimensional resonator that allows the traveler's astral self to mesh with the timeloop he wants to explore. On the other hand, Preston B. Nichols says that in their experiments, time explorations involved physical movement in a tunnel that scientists had rigged to make it look and feel solid. It was a tunnel that connected past with future, and was actually outside the space-time continuum.

Both Gibbs and Nichols, however, seem to agree that the existence of multiple universes is a clear possibility. This means that going to the past to change it may be accomplished without risk of experiencing the Grandfather Paradox because the timeline so changed in the past may not be the same timeline whence the traveler took off.

Steven Gibbs says that there is a possibility of going to the past and causing changes within the same timeline and thus experience the paradox but this is a slim chance in thousands or millions of other timelines. On the other hand, Mr.Nichols narrates how two crewmembers of the USS Eldridge, traveling from the year 1943, arrived at Montauk Air Base in the year 1983. These two sailors were then ordered by the scientists to go back via the time tunnel to 1943 to turn off the generators that were causing high frequency disturbances in the experiments being conducted in 1983. This incident could mean they were dealing with the same timeline as events in the past were clearly influencing the activities of the scientists in 1983.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Become A Chrononaut And Swing Between Dimensions Of Time

In traveling through time, one may do it in his astral body which is that part of ourselves that look and feel exactly like us, but is too subtle or fine sometimes they call it the soul, or spirit (it's neither). The astral body they say is just a little softer than your earlobes, otherwise it's matter all right, but of the very subtle kind. And, as matter, it can sense and feel the way you do. It can even wander away from your body as you sleep.

That's what Steven Gibbs says people can do with his hyper dimensional resonator (HDR), an equipment that allows you to slow time down and during these scant seconds, your environment oscillates thus allowing you to slip through and travel back into the past and yes, the future, with your astral self. Some people say the HDR can actually bring your whole body not just the astral, into time-travel mode.

Steven Gibbs's discoveries also indicate that the Grandfather Paradox isn't true. The paradox states that if you travel into the past and urges grandpa not to marry grandma your parents aren't gonna be born. And that goes for you, too. And if you're not born then you're not going to be able to make that trip into the past (but here you are alive and could make that trip, huh?).

Steven believes that you can't go back into the past and manipulate the stock market or the lotto. Yes, you can go there and even meet yourself, the you in the past. But this isn't the past that belongs to your own timeline (or lifetime for the understanding of most people). This is another timeline that exists side-by-side with your own present and actual timeline, as well as other timelines that carry the histories of human beings and you, in a world of multi-universes or dimensions in which each and everyone of us is present in various stages of our existence.

Sure, you can speak to your grandpa; talk him out of marrying grams. But you could be dealing with a grandpa who's existing in a different timeline and isn't your own grandpa really but the grandfather of the You in that other timeline. He could agree with what you say, but meanwhile the granpda in your own timeline happily gets married to the girl of his dreams. Click here to learn more..

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

From The Past, See How You Look In The Future, On Video

In "Back To The Future" Doc Emmett Brown, the inventor of the time machine that looks and runs like a DeLorean car, doesn't quite figure that he, or rather, the Emmett Brown of 1955 will get to see a videotape of himself talking about the invention he made (or will later in life make) in 1985.

In the movie, Doc's friend Marty gets stuck in some car chase and Libyan terrorists are hot on his tail with a rocket grenade pointed at his back. Marty flees from his pursuers aboard the time machine--after helplessly watching them shoot Doc Brown--and arrives in 1955. He meets up with Doc Brown (of 1955) who doesn't know or recognize him then.

Things settle in and the Doc Brown of 1955 watches in amusement as an older version of himself explains how the time machine works through the videotape he himself made in 1985 (and brought by Marty into the past). The paradox here is that the Doc Brown of 1955 doesn't quite realize at the precise moment that he's watching the videotape, that he will ultimately get around to invent the time machine in 1985. Right now, he's only busy amusing himself with the videocam recorder Marty brought in from 1985.

When it's time for Marty to return to 1985 he hands Doc Brown a handwritten note in an evelope which isn't to be opened till 1985. The note tells him he's going to be shot by terrorists on a night in 1985. And that's how Doc is able to prepare for the actual event in 1985 by wearing a bullet-proof vest when the time came. Dazed but unharmed by the slugs, Doc Brown regains his wits and sees Marty sobbing beside him having just arrived in 1985 after being sent-off by Doc Brown from 1955.

The Doc Brown of the past came well prepared as he advanced into 1985. This paradox isn't probably as terrible as that which would involve killing someone who's not of the present, but in the past, as told in Terror in Manila (Amazon books).

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time travel - Travel to Mexico Instantly

Centuries ago, when the Philippines was a colony of Spain , a "guardia civil" who was a native Filipino recruited into the Spanish military and posted to help protect the presidential palace, was absolutely dumbstruck when on reporting for duty which he did countless times before, beheld a strange building that he instinctively knew was not the palace in Manila. The people he saw were not Spaniards and Filipinos. They were Mexicans. By some unexplained cause, he had been magically transported to Mexico--halfway around the world. And it was a Mexican official's palace that he approached that day.

Arrested and asked to explain, he told the interrogators that he was a guard in Manila and although it wasn't exactly the same building now, he would go ahead and guard it nonetheless for that was his task, and leave the mystery of what happened to him to those who knew better.

After a lengthy investigation and verification, the Filipino guard was eventually allowed to board a "galleon" which was a massive wooden ship used by Mexico in its commercial trade with Manila, and sent home to the Philippines without the slightest idea, that he had become a reluctant space and time traveler.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Travel Back In Time To Manila of Year 1946

In the book "Terror in Manila" a Filipino scientist who happens to dabble in occult philosophy, has gotten it into his head to try to change things regarding a chapter in the history of the Philippines. He wants to see what might have happened if the United States had not granted independence to the Filipinos on July 4th 1946.

This guy happens to believe that without independence from America, the Philippines could since have enjoyed economic benefits and, with support from America for being a state or a US territory in that part of the Pacific, thus improve the lives of the 21st century Filipinos. His goal is to go back to the Manila of July 4, 1946 and assassinate High Commissioner Paul V. McNutt who was sent by President Harry Truman to read the proclamation granting the Philippines its independence on that day in history.

He figures that by killing the representative of the US President, Washington would be so furious and think the Filipinos weren't politically mature enough to carry on with the responsibilities that go with freedom and thus refuse to grant their request for sovereignty.

The trip to the past and back to the present (future?) uses the technique of breaking-up the molecular structure of the time traveler and the time machine at sub-atomic levels and their reconstruction to their original substance and form upon arrival at the targeted time zone. It's kind of similar to the teleportation techniques used by the starship Enterprise people in disappearing from within their ship and popping-up on earth (or other planets) at different stages in history.

You may want to go here:

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